The Dreaded Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Carts.

Everyone is familiar with them: when a visitor to a web page leaves that page before completing the desired action.

According to the Baymard Institute, the average abandoned cart rate is hitting almost 70%, which accounts for trillions of dollars left uncollected. While this looks to be a huge missed opportunity, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Over 63% of these carts can be converted.


Why Users Abandon

The main reason we see carts being abandoned is that users are simply browsing. They are window shopping for the fun of it, doing price comparisons between multiple sites, researching for future gifts, and more. This segment accounts for almost 60% of abandons, and some will occur before anything is even put into the cart.

Below are a few more reasons that a cart could be abandoned:


The Adronitis Advantage

While many solutions for abandoned carts revolve around the ease of checking out, it is also extremely important to maintain the conversation. Did you know that if you were to follow up with those who have abandoned their cart and lure them back to your site, they will likely spend on average 55% more than they were originally going to? So not only will you save the original sale, but you could increase it!

Do we have your attention now?

Using our website visitor identification technology on a daily basis, we can identify those customers who have abandoned their carts on your website. From there, we create a fully variable, individualized, digital mail piece and deliver it to each person within 3-4 days the cart was left.

While most of you already send emails, we strongly suggest that using direct mail in conjunction with email to even further increase your odds for conversion.

Interested in seeing how we can make this work for your organization? Contact us today.

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