Retail Customers… What do you know?

Can you answer these questions about your retail customers?

Last week we announced two new products designed to identify your customers and potential customers wherever they shop.  Today’s discussion revolves around the retail shopper. 

  • Do you know (by name and address) who’s shopping in your store at this very moment?
  • Do you know (by name and address) if your customers are shopping in your competitors’ stores at his very moment?  Which customers, what stores, how often, which days?
  • Would you like to know who’s shopping at your competitor’s stores that are not your customers? 
  • Do you know where else they shopped today, yesterday, last week?
  • Do you know if they visited your website or your competitor’s website before coming into your store?

Until today, these questions could only be answered by a Ouija Board.  Now we have the ability to answer all of these questions and more in real time.

Using this powerful data you can reach your customers and potential customers with relevant and timely messaging.

Keep this in mind:

  • 85% of Americans shop in retail stores in any given week.
  • 69% would rather consult their phone than a store associate for information.
  • 65% say receiving offers on their mobile device is important to them.
  • 69% say receiving an offer would make them more likely to visit the retail store.

The ability to reach an actual person when and where they are shopping is powerful.  Never before could this be done. Adronitis Marketing Group will deliver this platform to you so you and instantly reach your customers and potential customers like never before.

Call us to learn more and schedule a demo using your store locations.  You will be amazed.


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