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Through our patent-pending technology, we target digital ads to your customer by matching their IP address with their physical address, bringing a wide variety of banner and display ads to the sites your customers visit daily.

IP Targeting does not use cookies, and that is revolutionary in the digital advertising world. Our patent pending IP algorithm determines the IP address based on the physical address, which is then used for precise digital ad targeting at the IP/router level. This type of targeting is beneficial for advertisers because it incorporates offline data; i.e., registered voter lists, customer databases, modeled data, and direct mail data.

IP Target Example

Launch a Campaign In Three Easy Steps:

  1. You provide a list of names, addresses and zip codes, and we run it through our IP mapping system and provide a match rate (typically around 50% list size).
  2. Locate the house IPs, anonymize them to create a privacy shield.
  3. Serve display or video banner ads online, using the modem/router/IP address as the entry point.

Measure the Results

Instead of focusing on the standard impressions, we focus on real world outcomes, which for most of our clients results in doubling their advertising effectiveness. We offer a variety of key metrics and tools:


Did your ad reach its intended target

Match-Back Analysis

Who was targeted and what was the outcome


What was your open rate


What happened after the initial click


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