IP Targeting vs. Cookies – A must read to stay safe


Cookie vs The IP


Let’s Look At The Facts

Did you ever compare two products side by side to determine the best fit for you?  Credit card companies, automobile manufacturers, technologies companies, hotels, etc. all use this method to allow a customer the ability to see the differences between their offerings and from that, make an informed decision that fits their needs and budget. 

If your using cookies today, it is critical for your business to also understand what it is and is not.  Your decision certainly impacts sales, acquisition, all other KPI’s. But not knowing what you don’t know (as they say) could potentially put your business in a vulnerable position; not reaching the intended prospect, assuming a person’s identity based on tracking their web browsing activity and not respecting privacy concerns are a few items to fully understand.

These past several weeks, we been asked many times to clarify the difference between cookie-based and IP based marketing.  While we think the difference is night and day it amazes us as to the confusion, misunderstanding, and assumptions there are out there.

So we created this comparison graph below to hopefully clearly illustrate the differences.  You as a marketer need to know the facts. Regardless of your decision, your agency needs to be fully transparent with you.  Digital technology is not going away. In fact it’s increasing, and this year will represent the largest ad spend versus all other channels combined.  It works, but the responsibility is on you to know the facts so you can make an informed decision. We hope this helps.

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IP vs Cookie-compressed

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