Digital-Variable Mail

Reach your audience with personalized messaging.

When it comes to reaching your customers, timing is everything. Most people view emails as a daily nuisance and delete 95% of them without even opening or looking. Adronitis has discovered a way to utilize triggered campaigns to turn that 5% read rate into over 50%.

Using a fully automated system, we can help you create content driven marketing pieces which immediately react to consumer’s triggers. This system helps you reach them at their most persuadable times, without even having to lift a finger. Your conversions could skyrocket to almost 680% more than had you stuck with your typical email campaign. More importantly, you’re building brand loyalty with personalized content.

We can create any size of direct mail piece from postcards, brochures, newsletters, or even a fully variable digital catalog. Everything is based upon your marketing needs and comes at a cost lower than what you're currently paying.

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