Delivering Reality: Weeding Out the Bots

Delivering Reality: Weeding Out the Bots

(n.) A software application which runs automated tasks over the internet.
Synonyms: Web robot, WWW robot

Did you know that bots account for almost 52 percent of all web traffic today? That’s right, at this very moment there are more bots online with you than actual people. And when your customers are browsing your website, there are at least an equal number of bots there too. With this much “fake” traffic on the web, it becomes that much more challenging to make sure that you reach your target audience: real people interested in your product.

What Bots are you up Against?

Every bot has a purpose, some are beneficial, and some are malicious. The beneficial bots, or good bots, are there to monitor website health, making sure things are running smoothly and your users are having a good experience. Malicious bots, or bad bots, are created to steal valuable data, post spam, and damage your SEO.
Almost 56 percent of bot traffic consists of the bad bots.

According to the 2015 study done by the Association of National Advertisers, an estimated $7 billion was lost due to ad fraud. And these numbers continue to rise. Many marketers believe that the answer is to pull out of the digital supply chain altogether. Adronitis has found a way to break through the robotics.

Getting Your Confidence Match

By appending real addresses to an exact IP match, our formulas weed out the fraudulent hits to deliver a 95 percent or more accuracy rate and confidence match. Gary Sierzchulski, co-founder of Adronitis Marketing Group, states that “our goal is to educate our clients on the realities of web traffic and show them how we eliminate the fraudulent hits and deliver real people.”

Find out how Adronitis can help you reach your audience in an efficient, accurate, and cost-effective way.

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