Customize your Communication – Loyalty Segments and Email Triggers

Many companies today are understaffed, lack the pure direct marketing fundamentals, and are overwhelmed with data and how to effectively use it to increase revenue and brand loyalty. This inexperience in the understanding and implementation of marketing solutions can lead to the use of outside sources which conflict with each other, work completely independent of each other, or duplicate efforts.

Using a fully automated system, we can help you create content-driven digital and direct marketing pieces which immediately react to consumer’s triggers.


Who are your Customers?

The first step of the Adronitis system is to first understand the 6 “Lifecycle Stages” and where your customers fit in. Using our products and solutions, we can look at your current customers and place them into one of the following categories:

Loyalty Builders
  • Loyalists: High value, low-risk customers. These customers buy most frequently, most broadly, and spend the most.
  • Nurturers: Low risk, mid-to-low-value customers. These customers buy consistently but don’t always spend a lot or across the board.
  • Underperformers: High value, mid-to-high-risk customers. These customers used to lean more toward the loyalist category but have fallen off pattern.
  • Faders: Low value, mid-to-high-risk customers. These customers never really established a significant buying pattern.
  • Winbacks: High-risk customers. These customers haven’t purchased in awhile and have a high likelihood of defecting.
  • 1 & 2’s: These are first- or second-time buyers whose pattern has not yet been defined.


How do you Reach Them?

Once your customers have been identified into their loyalty segments, it becomes easier to communicate with them on a more personalized, effective, and automated level. Adronitis utilizes common triggers like those listed below to implement this process.

Ad Triggers

While loyalists will most likely continue to purchase without any communication or incentive, many of the other segments will require the use of one or more of these triggers to push them to purchase.

This system helps you reach your customers at their most persuadable times, without even having to lift a finger. Simply set up the content for each trigger you’d like to include ahead of time and let the system do the rest.


Sit Back and Get Results

Your conversions could skyrocket to almost 680% more than had you stuck with your typical campaign. We create sizes and formats to meet your budget, and you receive the lowest postage possible to anywhere in the country on direct mail pieces with co-mailing and co-mingling. Most importantly, you’re building brand loyalty with personalized content.

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