Customer Intent is Redefining Marketing

Everything is changing!

Today, consumers no longer follow a linear path to your brand to purchase. Influencers such as YouTube, Facebook, your website, product reviews, and other social media all play a role in the decision-making process.

As a result, no two customer’s journeys are exactly alike.

The only constant is Intent – A potential customer is looking to make a purchase.

People are constantly expressing intent.

The challenge marketers face is how to connect with them as quickly as possible by delivering experiences related to their intent.

As a marketer, you also know that recency plays as much a critical role in the customer journey as does intent.

Customers want it NOW and all the statistics and analysis between the intent (searching for the product) and purchase dramatically point to a very short window of time.
The sooner you can identify a customer’s intent and reach that person with a relevant message/offer, the better the opportunity you have to convert a sale and build your brand.

Today marketers rely on retargeting and other forms of “machine learning” or cookies as we like to call them, to reach this audience.

While in the past this may prove somewhat successful, there is a better way.

Adronitis Marketing Group has launched two, that right, TWOproducts that will revolutionize the way you reach this specific audience; people who intend to purchase.

And it will be available to you, NEXT WEEK

  • We will identify the audience for you, in real-time, shifting the way you do business today. No more guessing who your audience is, no more assuming that a person who visits your website, store, or your competitor is your “target”.
  • We will be Looking past clicks, impressions, and generic audiences to reach an actual person (name, address, and other prequalifying factors).
  • We will deliver a content specific message to this person through their preferred channel in real-time. Understanding the non-linear customer journey, you will be able to identify and reach the “ready to purchase” wherever they are or however they shop.
  • We will identify unexpected or missed connections that traditional marketing does not have visibility to.  This by itself represents a very significant untapped opportunity to build your brand that until today was not available.

Next week at Adronitis Marketing...

we will introduce these solutions to you, just in time for the Fall and Holiday seasons.

We will demonstrate how these will change the way you retain and acquire customers, build your brand and deliver bottom-line results that no other product or solution can.

Until then enjoy the last week of summer. We look forward to talking with you in September.

Like we always say; Let's Talk.

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