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The more you know about your customers, the better you’ll be able to meet their needs and maintain their loyalty to your brand. If you do not understand things about them such as their buying habits, buying patterns, channel preferences, and other critical metrics, you’re missing the ability to connect with them in the most effective way – the way they want.

Adronitis uses multiple databases to connect the dots and paint the picture. With our marketing strategy team, we will assist you in creating a plan for success and deliver the results you need to grow. Over 75 years of experience in circulation planning, marketing strategy, response analysis, product launches, and more will assure your success.

Using our patented technology, IP Targeting, we can take your unknown IP addresses and match them with real information found through offline databases.

Our IP Targeting tech is 100% cookie-free and connects with real people at an unparalleled accuracy, eliminating ad fraud.

Adronitis Cookie vs IP-1

Already have online information on your audience? Try our Reverse Append technology to find their offline information (physical address, etc.) and start reaching them through direct mail as well! The Reverse Append is essentially our IP Targeting backwards.

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