Case Studies

Case Study Venue Replay

Local minor league sports team saw their attendance vary dramatically from game to game. They were exploring ways to steadily increase attendance to the higher end of the daily visits.

Case Study Auto Dealership

The client is a regional auto dealer with 3 dealership locations that sell nearly 1,000 new and pre-owned vehicles each month.

Case Study Ballot Initiative

The client is a statewide political organization who had limited time to build support for an impending ballot initiative.

Case Study Chevy Dealer

A Chevrolet dealership located in the western suburbs of Chicago, known for their commitment to providing outstanding customer service and quality vehicles at an affordable price.

Case Study KY Craft Brewers

The Kentucky Guild of Brewers (KGB) exists to pursue the following objectives: to act as a singular voice and advocate for the Kentucky brewing industry in all pertinent matters of legislation and governmental administration; to evenly promote all member breweries through the organization of events and publication of media; and to amalgamate the knowledge and economic sway of member breweries.

Case Study Furniture Retailer

A local furniture chain noticed that the number of visitors to their website had been steadily increasing but they were unable to capture the visitor’s contact information.

Case Study Black Friday Furniture Sales

After running multiple campaigns with Adronitis Marketing Group (in partnership with El Toro), a national furniture retailer was ready to proceed with our technology.

Case Study Arkkfood

P-Nut Free PB&J is an alternative sandwich that offers all the taste of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with none of the allergens that can harm many kids

Case Study Telesales Recruitment

One of Adronitis’ partners, a Cleveland-based reseller, was approached by a growing telesales company which had recently moved offices and needed help with workforce recruitment.

Case Study Juice Category

Kroger Food Stores serves over nine million customers daily through their digital and retail food stores.

Case Study Credit Union Loans

The client, a credit union based in Virginia, is a favorite amongst customers. With standout customer service and a comprehensive business offering, retaining clients is simple once they’re established.