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Captive Audience is based on the IP mapping technology we use for IP Targeting. In this instance, we target venues instead of households. This process works because we have heuristic information on the prospects based upon their location. The applications for Captive Audience are endless, and advertisers have developed new ways to use it for a broad range of audiences and industries.

Captive Audience starts with advertisers selecting locations where target populations gather. Then we map the IP addresses of these locations and serve targeted digital ads on websites which attendees typically visit while at the chosen venue. IP addresses are determined by analyzing billions of pieces of data (transit, transactional, and offline data) through our IP algorithm.


Common Venues

  • College Campuses
  • Trade Shows/Conventions
  • Military Bases
  • Hotels
  • Airports


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Advertising concerts or events to students on a college campus

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Targeting Wi-Fi cafes and offering customers “in-store” discounts on products

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