Building Relationships with Clients

With the heavy advertising that exists today, generic advertising gets lost in the noise. consumers expect tailored messaging from brands they're loyal to. here are just a few facts that support this.

1. 52% of consumers attested that they are OK providing personal information with brands with the understanding that it will be for their benefit and utilized responsibly.

2. 63% said they dislike generic messaging.

3. 88% of marketers report increases in response rates to their campaigns when personalization is incorporated.

4. 50% of those marketers using personalization realized increased response rates of 10% and 15% of those marketers saw response lifts of over 30%.

5. In A/B tests, marketers showed an 83% lower response rates when generic or lack of relevance or personalization is used.

6. Harvard Business Review found that one-to-one marketing reduced acquisition costs by as much as 50%, lifted revenue by 15%, and improved efficiency marketing spend by 30%

7. 78% of consumers stated that personalization towards them improves intent.

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