Aquisition and Retention

Predictive analytics.

Through our simple, automated and cloud-based predictive analytics, we will help you answer these key questions about each of your customers:

  • Who’s most likely to buy?
  • How much will they spend?
  • What products will they buy next?
  • Who’s very likely to leave?

Adronitis uses a 3-month migration pattern

to create automated predictions on every individual customer which improve targeting, apply lifestyle marketing, and personalize product recommendations for all channels. Combine this with our Digital/Fully Variable Direct Mail solution to deliver the right message to each of your customers at the right time.


Our Solution Guarantees:

  • Every customer individually scored
  • Assures customer privacy (no address or name is needed)
  • No customer databases to govern
  • No new platform to build or maintain
  • No data analytics experience required
  • Actionable plan for executing each campaign
Loyalty Migration Patterns

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