Hello World!

Thank You From Adronitis Marketing Group!

After some initial distractions, Adronitis Marketing Group is open for business!

We want to thank our families, friends, customers, and partners for all their support and encouragement with our launch. We want to especially thank Godfrey and Kahn and MTI-Connect. They made our journey possible and without them, this wouldn’t have happened. They are partners in every sense of the word.

Take a look at our website, www.adronitismarketing.com. We believe we are well positioned to assist you in growing your brand. The personalized experience to target your customers through relevant channels is here to stay. We will provide you the bridge to connect content, digital, and print into a seamless process and a total marketing solution.

Our 50+ years of combined experience in this industry will be a great resource for you. We look forward to talking with you soon.

Let us help you find and grow your next connection!


- Tom Benedict & Gary Sierzchulski

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